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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Complete Keyboard Concertos

Finale volume:

Volume 20
Double Concertos
Concerto in E flat major Wq 47 (H 479)
Concerto in F major Wq 46 (H  408)
Sonatina in D major Wq 109 (H 543)

Miklós Spányi, harpsichord
Tamás Szekendy, fortepiano
Cristiano Holtz, harpsichord
Péter Szüts, conductor
Concerto Armonico Budapest
Artistic director: Miklós Spányi
Leader: Márta Ábrahám


keyboard concertos vol.20

The Solo Keyboard Music

The six collections
'für Kenner und Liehaber'
have been released!
(each volume with some 'extra' pieces: Variations, Sonatas, Fantasia...)

Volume 31
'für Kenner und Liebhaber'
Sonatas from collections 1 & 2

CPEBach solo 31

Volume 32
'für Kenner und Liebhaber'
Sonatas and Rondos from collections 1 & 2


CPEBach solo keyboard music vol.32

Volume 33

'für Kenner und Liebhaber'
Collection 3


CPEBach solo vol 33

Volume 34
'für Kenner und Liebhaber'
Collection 4


CPEBach solo vol.34

Volume 35

'für Kenner und Liebhaber'
Collection 5


Kenner & Liebhaber 5

Volume 36

'für Kenner und Liebhaber'
Collection 6


Kenner & Liebhaber 6

The C.P.E.Bach solo series to be continued soon!